January Favo(u)rites: This Ain’t Ordinary Life


There aren’t too many things that I like about January, but January 2017 was special as we prepare for the arrival of baby Matthews. It was, perhaps, with these rose-colored glasses that I have compiled my list of favorite things for January:

    1. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix. If you like weird, this will make you happy. I’m a big fan of detective shows, generally, so this may not come as a surprise, but everything about this show was novel and different in ways that I did not expect. I learned after the fact that it is based on a series of novels, so some people may already know about it, but I would highly recommend this show. Also, Elijah Wood looks like he hasn’t aged since LOTR. He’s so good.
    2. Starboy by the Weeknd. I know that this was not released in January, but that’s when I bought it and started listening to it over and over and over. As an Atlanta-area native, where there was always a strong music scene, I am happy to see Toronto starting to make its mark.
    3. Checkout 51: This app helps you save money and it’s easy to use. Again, with the baby on the way, I thought it prudent to see if I could cut costs anywhere. I’ve always been a terrible “couponer” because 1) I don’t subscribe to a print newspaper and 2) I generally like to plan a menu based on our own preferences, etc. rather than what happens to be on sale. This is, admittedly, a baby step in the direction of saving money on groceries, but I’ve used it a number of times already and I like it.

Honorable mention: Dr. Jennifer Wise at Thrive Natural Family Health. I only just started seeing her at the end of January, but she is super-friendly and knowledgeable about chiropractic care during pregnancy. I was experiencing some pain in my left hip and two visits with her have virtually eliminated the pain and helped the baby find a better position. Of course, this was my specific experience, but seeing her really made a difference for me once I put aside my “I’m-a-strong-woman-and-will-deal-with-this-myself” attitude.

Despite the need to avoid my news feed, I thought 2017 started off on a strong note. I’m looking forward to tackling the rest of the year avec bébé.

What are you looking forward to this year?