Success is a difficult thing to measure.

I suppose that statement seems beyond obvious, but it’s clear that we’re all still chasing some dream, wishing on some star, hoping against hope that we will, one day, some way, somehow, become successful. Which begs the question: How will you know when you get there? I can’t say that I have an answer for that at the moment, but I am trying really hard to figure out what that means for me and I will share what I learn with you.

If nothing else, change has been a constant in my life.I attended 4 different elementary schools and have lived in eight cities, two countries, and moved 14 times in the last 13 years. I have had a new job every year since I graduated from law school, and I have uprooted my life more times than I care to count. Although, clearly, I have already counted. While change, in the right circumstances, can be exhilarating, it is also exhausting. I have also found that it makes me more reactive rather than proactive. It’s difficult to plan for the future when you feel like, literally, anything might happen in the next year. And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about success, it’s that it requires time. It requires patience. It requires some stability in order to take hold and develop.

A number of things have happened over the past year that have allowed me to create more stability in my personal life, but now it’s time to create the same thing in my professional life. It will require a lot of self-determination and intentionality, but I feel that I’m finally ready. It’s taken too long and I’ve gotten in my own way too many times, but I am declaring, right here, right now:


Are you?